Glenn A. Youngkin

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Born in Richmond and raised in Virginia Beach, Governor Glenn Youngkin is a homegrown Virginian from humble beginnings. From washing dishes to support his family to being named co-CEO of one of the world’s top investment firms, Governor Youngkin knows what it’s like to work hard. Governor Youngkin’s determination to succeed earned him various awards on the basketball court and a full athletic scholarship to college.

After earning an engineering degree at Rice University and his MBA at Harvard Business School, Governor Youngkin and his wife Suzanne moved to Northern Virginia. For 25 years Governor Youngkin was instrumental in growing the Carlyle Group’s stature globally while helping fund the retirements of teachers, police officers, firefighters and other frontline public servants.

And today, Governor Youngkin continues to deliver for all Virginians. As a newcomer to politics, he ran, won, and now shapes policy on commonsense solutions to kitchen table concerns. So far, he’s passed the largest education budget in Virginia’s history, facilitated waves of economic investments and business expansions to reinvigorate job growth and opportunity and has totally transformed the way government works for its citizens. He signed a comprehensive package of laws delivering for veterans in his first six months as well as enacting historic tax cuts and funding for public safety.

Governor Youngkin has been married for over 29 years to Suzanne S. Youngkin, a devoted leader in non-profits and charitable causes. Together, they are dedicated to their four wonderful children. Their family journey has been and continues to be guided by their faith, walking hand in hand as humble followers of Christ.