192nd Wing

The 192nd Wing has a rich heritage that begins as early as WWII.  The P-47 Thunderbolt pictured is one of the first aircrafts we flew.  However, it's just one of many. The unit has also flown the B-26 bomber, the F-105D Thunderchief, and the Vought A-7D Corsair II. Most recently, the unit transitioned from flying the F-16C/D models to the newest fighter: the F-22 Raptor.

192D History

In May 1946, the Pentagon reactivated and redesignated the 328th Fighter Squadron, a heroic WWII unit. The 328th had been organized at Mitchell Field, New York, on Oct. 10, 1942, and saw action in the European theater. The newly designated 149th Fighter Squadron, the unit was assigned to the Virginia Air National Guard (VaANG), which earned official recognition from the National Guard Bureau in June 1947. The 149th Fighter Squadron was entitled to the history, honors, and colors of the 328th. 

The unit was called to active federal service on March 1, 1951. This activation temporarily resulted in the dissolution of the Virginia Air National Guard, as members were sent to various places, including for many, duty in the Korean War. The VANG was reorganized in November 1953 as a B-26 bomber outfit. In 1957, the unit was redesignated the 149th Fighter Interceptor Squadron and was scheduled to get F-86E Saber jets. However, later that year, the unit became the 149th Tactical Fighter Squadron, and F-84F Thunderstreaks began replacing the B-26. 

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ANG: A Short Story

The Air National Guard as we know it today -- a separate reserve component of the United States Air Force -- was a product of the politics of postwar planning and interservice rivalry during World War II. The men who planned and maneuvered for an independent postwar Air Force during World War II didn't place much faith in the reserves, especially the state-dominated National Guard. 

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