Virginia Air National Guard Recruiters


photo of TSgt. Rahshawn Williams
Tech. Sgt. Rahshawn Williams
Production Recruiter
Call or text: 757-849-4051
Office: 757-225-0481
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photo of TSgt Alexandria Zavala
Tech. Sgt. Alexandria Zavala
Production Recruiter
Call or text: 757-504-6480
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Photo of Tech. Sgt. Telia Garry
Tech. Sgt. Telia Garry
Production Recruiter
Call or text: 757-778-7344
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photo of Tech. Sgt. Franklin Love
Tech. Sgt. Franklin Love
Production Recruiter
Call or text: 757-849-4096
Office: 757-225-0480
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photo of Staff Sgt. Ashlynd Greene
Staff Sgt. Ashlynd Greene
Production Recruiter
Call or text: 757-849-4067
Office: 757-225-0479
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photo of Staff Sgt. Alexander Smith
Staff Sgt. Alexander Smith
Production Recruiter
Call or text: 757-746-2234
Office: 757-225-0481
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Tech. Sgt. Fanta Williams
Tech. Sgt. Fanta Williams
Production Recruiter
Office: 757-225-0481
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Call 1-800-643-7456 to speak with our recruiters.


Financial Benefits

  • Earn active duty pay while attending Basic Military Training and military technical school.
  • Earn approximately $191 to $243 for 1 weekend per month and active duty pay for 15 days each year (Increases with promotions and time in service).
  • Retirement at age 60 after 20 years of part-time service.
  • Low cost life insurance $400,000 for approximately $29.00 per month.
  • Possible prior service direct career conversion.
  • $20,000 sign on bonus with 6 year enlistment. (Critical Career Fields)

Educational Benefits

  • Montgomery GI Bill benefit - $368.00/mo for full-time students, $276.00 for 3/4 time, $184.00 for 1/2 time, and $92.00 for part time.
  • Montgomery GI Bill Kicker benefit- $350/month for full-time students; amount is prorated for less than full-time students.
  • Tuition Assistance- up to $7,000 per year in a VA supported School.
  • Free CLEP tests for members and spouses (usually $150 per CLEP test) which award you the college credits!
  • Community College of the Air Force - all members are automatically enrolled into this college accredited degree program. CCAF translates what you learn in technical and on-the-job training into college-level semester hours.
  • Leadership and Management courses available either in-residence or by correspondence.

State Benefits

  • $91 per day minimum plus all expenses paid during emergency state activation.
  • $3,000 military pay exclusion on state income taxes for O-3 and below.
  • State employees authorized 15 days/year of military leave

Additional Benefits

  • Participation in an excellent Family Support Program.
  • Free Space Available flights on military aircraft.
  • Unlimited BX (base department stores) privileges. (nontaxable in store items for all states)
  • Promotions and personal/professional recognition programs.
  • On-the-job health benefits.
  • Full Commissary (base grocery store) privileges.
  • Military discounts from different business establishments.
  • Disney World discounts.
  • Opportunity for leadership/management training through Professional Leadership Training.
  • Eligibility to join Federal Credit Unions.
  • Free, complete physical examination (to include lab work) on a periodic basis.
  • Travel - we have been to Alaska/Germany/Hawaii/Japan/Guam/Las Vegas, and more!
  • Eligibility for Veteran's Administration Guaranteed Home Loan after 6 years of membership.
  • Become part of a close-knit team and the Guard family!

Recruiting and Retention Staff


photo of Master Sgt. Lukas Hopkins
Master Sgt. Lukas Hopkins
Retention Office Manager
Office: 757-764-5568
Cell: 757-288-5179
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photo of Master Sgt. Michael Boseman
Master Sgt. Michael Boseman
Recruiting and Retention Staff
Office: 757-764-0308
Cell: 804-543-3903
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photo of Senior Master Sgt. Rick Dumas
Senior Master Sgt. Rick Dumas
Recruiting & Retention Superintendent
Office: 1-800-643-7456
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