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  • Airman 1st Class Jesse Lykins

    “Music was my obsession from elementary school all the way to being a [music] teacher. But being in service to the country, to the state, and having wingmen, to me is literally the ultimate thing you can do to be a good person and to serve other people. When you’re a musician, a lot of it is all

  • Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Amburn (Part 3/3)

    “I just want to be known as that chief who genuinely cared — like ‘that dude just cared for people.’ I love our Airmen! Oh my gosh! Talk about a hard decision; this is the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life. Our Airmen are just so much more to me than maintainers, security forces, supply, or

  • Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Amburn (Part 2/3)

    “When the boss and I would go speak at ALS (Airman Leadership School), FTAC (First Term Airmen Course), or one of these Newcomers’ Orientations, Col. Piper got to where he would say ‘Alright, I’ve said my words; I want to leave the rest of the time for Chief Church.’"

  • Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Amburn (Part 1/3)

    “My Air Force story is one of resiliency. What I mean by that is, becoming an American Airman saved my life! I wasn’t necessarily on a good path when I was a senior in high school. My mother worked in a cotton mill, and my dad worked in a plant making air compressors. All of my buddies were getting

  • Master Sgt. Angela Wilson

    “When I graduated [in 2008], I made history as the oldest person to ever graduate Air Force basic training. I had my 40th birthday while we were at Warrior Week. So, of course we’re all marching out there and the whole flight is saying ‘happy birthday!’ It was really a nice, kind of tear-jerker