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  • Senior Airman Carlton Lopez

    “I work full-time in supply, but when the AGR (Active Guard Reserve) job in comm opened up, it was the perfect opportunity for me to switch over to something I’m truly interested in. I was always interested in information technology, and I’m good with computers. I’m also in school to get my degree

  • Airman Drake Gillespie

    “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. In fact, I remember being out there [in Richmond] and multiple people in my chain of command, all the way up to our squadron commander, walked by me and asked ‘Are you okay? Are you feeling nervous?’ But I think that’s one of the cool things about being

  • Master Sgt. Tracie Gates

    “The truth is, y’all would all be naked without me! I am not a formal person...I’m very informal. I’ll be professional, but that’s why I love my job; the relationships. People call me Tracie, and it’s just jokes and having fun that makes work go by. You need that!"

  • Staff Sgt. Herold Desauguste

    “Believe it or not, being a translator can be a very, very hard job. Especially, remember when you do it in two languages that you learn, not your mother language. My language is Haitian Creole but we learn French in school. And especially English too. I still believe I’m still learning English and

  • Master Sgt. Justin Self

    “My father was in 192nd weapons loading. He retired back when I was a teenager, but he’s what inspired me to join the guard in 2002. Out here, where we live in Warsaw, you wouldn’t know about the Air Guard. I kind of grew up emulating my dad. He was a lineman for the local electric co-op, and then