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  • VaANG Airmen innovate, adapt as drills become remote

    When the shelter-in-place order was issued in Virginia, the state’s National Guard units were no exception to the rule. Regularly scheduled drills in April, May and June were to be conducted remotely, setting a new precedent for education managers and unit leadership to reassess their approach.For

  • VaANG twins mission-critical amid stay-at-home order

    For Staff Sgt. Brian Petrine, it’s a common occurrence for strangers at his job in the 192nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron to walk up and start talking as if they know him.“And then they start yelling at me ‘stop playing around,’ and I tell them no really, I don’t know you,” Brian said.The same is

  • VaANG officer brings experience from motorsports to the flightline

    His grandfather instilled in him a passion for cars and racing early on at the drag strip, not far from his hometown in Brodhead, Wisconsin. But as he got older, Capt. Andrew Gibler said he didn’t invest the time he probably should have in the family’s pastime. “Especially when I got to high

  • Tech. Sgt. William Marioth

    “I provide a lot of training, but a lot of what I share with trainees is my experience or the things I’ve been through. For the most part, I tell them to always try to keep a positive attitude as best as you can. Always listen and communicate. Communication is the key to everything."

  • Master Sgt. Nicholas Geraci

    “My job is to ensure members of the 192nd Wing and 1st Fighter Wing train on all the areas in the Munitions Flight. We could be moved from shop-to-shop at any time, and when deployed, you don't know where you’re going to work. So, in the training, everyone gets to put their hands on everything we

  • John Rivers

    “This is a new adventure, a new chapter, and I’m excited to see where it takes me. Right now, I’m in college majoring in criminal justice, and I want to go into the FBI later down the road; but I also wanted to put in time to serve. The Guard is an opportunity to get some police-type experience."

  • Staff Sgt. Cody Butler

    “Working with these great people and doing the job I love inspires me to be here on a Saturday and Sunday. And, loading bombs is the best job you could ever have. I feel like I have a direct contribution to the Air Force mission by being on a weapons load crew and doing maintenance loading on the

  • Tech. Sgt. Christopher Gonzalez

    “I’ve been in the unit for about seven years now, so I’ve supported a few missions including hurricane relief and overseas deployments; but this is a little different."